Traditional Latin Mass in California

You are most welcome to join us at Holy Mass, but if you wish to receive Holy Communion please observe the following:

  1. Be a Roman Catholic validly baptized with the Traditional Latin Ceremony. If you were baptized in the New English Rite after May 15, 1969, please contact the priest.
  2. Be in a state of sanctifying grace, that is, free from mortal sin, having made a good confession to a traditional Catholic priest.
  3. Accept and believe all traditional doctrinal and moral teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, especially regarding marriage. If you received an annulment you must bring this to the attention of the priest before receiving Holy Communion.
  4. Be fasting for at least three hours from solid food and alcoholic beverages, and at least one hour from liquids. Water may be taken at any time. Note all are encouraged to fast from midnight (Apostolic Fast).
  5. Assist exclusively at the traditional Latin Mass. Anyone attending the modern, so-called New Mass or any New Church-sponsored Latin Masses (Indult Masses) may not receive the sacraments here.